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Therapeutic Listening to the Inner Mind

by Martin Miron

Elizabeth Peters

Elizabeth Peters is a level 2 practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), founded by author and educator Dolores Cannon. A pioneer in the field for more than 45 years, Cannon developed this safe, remarkable technique that connects individuals with a higher perspective within while in a deeply relaxed state of awareness.

“This direct and clear connection to your true self brings forth answers to questions you have, clarity about circumstances in your life, guidance about anything and the conscious recall of your boundless ability to renew and heal,” says Peters. “During a session, you are safe and always in control. Sessions are audio recorded and given to you that day in the format you prefer.”

Hypnosis is a very natural state of awareness for the body to achieve. She advises, “In this beautiful method, you are guided with voice and visualization, into a deep level of relaxation where we converse with the very expansive aspect of you. The content is always up to you. Sessions are held in a comfortable office on the ground floor of Peters’ farmhouse and property, in Schodack. You can always expect a neat, chemical-free, smoke-free environment.”

There are many reasons why people choose to have a QHHT session, but common ones are concerns and questions about health, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, curiosity, grief, unwanted habits, life decisions, PTSD and life purpose.

QHHT sessions are meant to be a one-time experience that is held privately and always conducted in person. QHHT practitioners conduct one session per day. Time spent together averages between four and six hours, which allows enough time for a session that is not rushed and fulfills their objectives.

“When our busy surface minds are allowed an extended time in a deep state of resting awareness, it is very common to have valuable information flow freely and abundantly. This information is always of a positive nature that is designed to help you in your life with whatever you want help with,” says Peters. “There can be variations in the levels of response from the higher self during a session, as each person is unique. But that time you have allowed to rest the affair-managing mind is valuable because it has strengthened the connection to your higher self by illuminating your intentions and your individual concerns. Listening to the session recording is the best way to access the full value of your session. It is the importance of listening later that is considered to be the therapeutic aspect of this remarkable method of hypnosis.”

Peters notes, “My history of caring for patients as an RN in the Capital District has provided me with many valuable lessons that help to shape me as a practitioner of this exceptional hypnosis method. Just as in my nursing career, I am fully committed to confidentiality and consider that a sacred trust in this work. I am proud to represent QHHT with this valuable service and fully committed to the core principles of this technique.”

Peters, a QHHT practitioner, maintains a home office in Schodack. For appointments and more information, call 518-424-6341 or visit ElizabethPetersQHHT.com.