The Therapeutic Wave Center Opens in Colonie

Wave Therapy is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration Class 1 low-frequency sound stimulation (LFSS) massage device that has no known side effects or contraindications, but brings immediate and quantifiable improvement in inflammation, circulation, nervous system function, overall cellular health, and pain. Robert Duff, owner of The Salt Den, in Latham, has opened a new sister business, The Therapeutic Wave Center, at 1692 Central Avenue, in Colonie.

Safe, non-invasive, drug-free Wave Therapy is patented for the treatment of circulatory disorders, inflammatory musculoskeletal tissue disorders and blood disorders. The effect of pressure waves or vibrations through mechanoreceptors on the skin is referred to as physioacoustic stimulation with the ability to infiltrate and massage every cell in the body, unlike a manual massage. Sessions are typically one hour, but may last up to two hours for some chronic health conditions such as Lyme disease or multiple sclerosis.

Inflammation and pain are typically reduced after only one to five sessions. Many chronic health conditions will benefit from more sessions in the initial phase of treatment, but will typically be transitioned to a maintenance therapy program after several months of treatment.

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