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The Healing Powers of Sound

Deborah Segel

Deborah Segel, owner of Segel Violins, in Troy, repairs and sells violins and other musical instruments. She is also actively obtaining certification in therapeutic sound healing. Designating August 2019 as Healing Powers of Sound Awareness Month in her retail shop, Segel offering 10 percent off singing bowls, and 15 percent off frame/shaman drums and djembes to Natural Awakenings readers. Singing bowl lessons are always free.

Segel has studied with gong master Don Conreaux, whose philosophy is to bring the healing sounds of these beautiful instruments out into the world, where there is so much need. She says, “The mindful use of sound can be healing to just about anyone in some way. The use of singing bowls and gongs, as well as drums and other instruments, can be excellent tools for meditation practice, relief of stress, finding universal connection and self-discovery. Finding the right resonance is very personal and individual.”

Location: 44 3rd St., Troy. For more information, call 518-266-9732 or visit ViolinsDirect.com