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Spirit Tree Connections Creates Empowerment

Spirit Tree Connectionsby Martin Miron

Spirit Tree Connections, a creative healing energy center in Latham, aims to augment a concert of care with integrated, creative and practical application in a space where people are encouraged to open their minds and find their childlike joy in life again. Founder Brandon Russ shares, “We connect people with their passion to promote deeper roots and higher consciousness. We’re not a wellness center, per se, we’re more of an ‘empowerment for the journey’ center.”

Offering wellness and holistic services that encompass energy healing, reiki healing and training, intuitive readings, mindful parenting counseling and workshops, intuitive living classes, creativity workshops and meditation, Spirit Tree is a place where people feel safe to open up and view their lives from a fresh perspective. Russ adds, “We also are active with local school districts with the Mindfulness in the Classroom program, where we bring the principles of meditation and tools of self-regulation to teachers and students.”
Russ notes, “Our practitioners are credentialed and held to the highest standard of ethics. They are not hobbyists, but professionals that bring their expertise to clients.” They use the space for both workshops and individual practice. Our team is full of experts, like sound healing and reiki master Coli Meile, who brings her gifts of meditation through crystal bowls as well as her creative classes around mandala painting.

As a medium, Russ has conducted myriad individual readings and uses his gifts in pro bono work with law enforcement and medical professionals to help with closure and healing. He has been a lecturer at several colleges, bereavement groups and police academies on how intuition works and instructs participants to make intuition part of their own decision-making and healing. Flagship courses at Spirit Tree Connections include Intuitive Development, Intuitive Living and workshops that engage attendees in the present moment.

At least once a month at Spirit Tree, in addition to special events around the Northeast, Russ also offers Funny You Should Say That, a lighthearted message circle filled with stories that happen to him through his work. “Of course, there are lots of messages for participants. This circle focuses on the energy of laughter and how it creates such a positive vibe, especially when dealing with the emotional baggage of those that have passed,” he says. “A lot of healing can happen when we’re able to reframe a situation and look at it from a more positive perspective.”

Personally, says Russ, “I’m on cloud nine, having sold out shows across the Northeast. I have featured events on Lake George in June and August and will be a feature speaker at the Beyond Expo at Mohegan Sun, in Connecticut, in August. Over 75,000 people are expected in attendance. The Spirit Tree brand is growing leaps and bounds, and we’ve only just begun.”

Spirit Tree Connections is located at 987 Loudon Rd., in Latham/Cohoes. For more information, call 518-810-2427 or visit SpiritTreeConnections.com.