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Sound Immersion and Meditation

The Quarry House Retreat, a unique healing space, will present the vibrations of sound immersion and meditation with “Dr. Bill” at 7 p.m., June 6 and June 20, 2019. He trained with renowned vibrational healer, Marie Menut, RN. Participants will enjoy the sounds of singing crystal and Tibetan bowls, Thailand gongs, digeridoo, drum and flute music to de-stress.

Upon arrival, guests slip off their shoes and enjoy mineral water or tea. Once comfortable in a zero-gravity chair, lying back and observing the lights flow on a nano-leaf, an intention is set and the sounds and vibrations of the bowls are absorbed for 30 to 40 minutes, followed by discussion. The Tibetan bowls are used to balance the chakras of each attendee. Private individual sessions are also available.

Cost is $25. Location: 138 Upper Platt St., Glens Falls. To register, call 518-832-1801 or visit QuarryHouseRetreat.com.