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Sleep Tips

For healthy circadian rhythm and melatonin cycles, try:
~Shutting off all screen devices, including the TV, two hours before going to bed
~Going to bed when you get that 9 p.m. slump and just taping a favorite show
~Walking barefoot and feeling the earth
~Spending quality time outside in sunlight, preferably in a natural setting
~Taking nourishing baths with natural soaps, lavender essential oil or herbs
~Designating certain time slots to not answer the phone or answer emails
~Exercising regularly and not within three hours of bedtime
~Taking a break from work every 90 minutes for two minutes of slow, deep breathing
~Breaking the caffeine habit by replacing coffee and tea with healthier alternatives

For emotional components of insomnia, try:
~Going on a “worry fast” for five or 10 minutes, and then practice doing it for an
hour or a full day
~Reserving time with loved ones for in-person conversations and get-togethers
~Checking in with yourself and acknowledging all emotions and fears
without judgment
~Setting aside ambitions for a day to recharge
~Sleeping in without guilt—shopping and running errands can wait
~Choosing not to compare your life with others