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Sage Femme Midwifery Welcomes Hannah Gregory

Hannah Gregory (pictured left), a midwifery student who felt called to work with women and children when she spent some time at a hospital in Togo, West Africa, has joined the staff at Sage Femme Midwifery, a local midwifery practice that recognizes, respects and trusts the wisdom that is integral to each woman and her baby.

Gregory grew up in a family of nine, and has always loved and been surrounded by birth, babies and women. Most recently, Hannah spent six months in Hawaii taking a course designed for training midwives for the developing world. She continues her studies in an online midwifery program and intends to pursue the certified professional midwifery credential.

Locations: Albany: 959 Washington Ave.; Saratoga Springs, 5 Maple Dell, Ste. 2, Office 5; Schoharie County, by appointment only. For more information, call 518-813-9290 or visit Sage-FemmeMidwifery.com.