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Sage Femme Midwifery: Birth-Related Services

(L-R) Kristen Klein, Kelly McDermott and Kathie Breault

by Loreanna Thomas

Kelly McDermott, director of midwifery and owner of Sage Femme Midwifery, founded in 2010, provides support for all phases of pregnancy, as well as primary care and well woman care. She is a licensed midwife and certified nurse midwife.

Sage Femme, French for wise woman, follows a compassionate paradigm that honors and trusts the natural process of birth, which includes the innate wisdom within each woman and her baby with the least interference. McDermott shares, “Sage Femme is the culmination of lessons learned from the many wise women in my life and a humble commitment to carry on this tradition. As a midwife and provider of women’s health care since 1987, I have learned much from the women and babies I have cared for. Among the most important things I’ve learned is that true healing and quality health care requires a time investment. It calls for listening deeply and getting to know those we serve. It demands individualized care. This is not a model fostered by traditional medical care, but it is the model of the wise woman.”

A goal assessment and decision planning session begins the process of women and couples exploring what they value most for their birth experience. Preconception care is a critical component of health care at all ages. “To truly be with women is to recognize, respect and trust the wisdom that is integral to each woman and her baby, and to support them in teaching us how we can best meet their needs,” says McDermott. “This is what we offer to every woman.”

Exterior of Sage Femme’s Albany office

Well woman care includes regular pap tests and exams such as breast exams, birth control prescriptions and IUD insertion, referrals for fertility awareness, health screening and treatment of infections and menstrual irregularities such as PMS/PMDD and cramping.

Sage Femme Midwifery is an affiliation of independent health care providers that includes certified nurse midwives Kathie Breault, of Safe Passage Midwifery, and Kristen Klein, of Sage Femme Midwifery North, birth assistant and nurse Briana Ranes, of Greater Love Birth Services and administrative consultant Suzi Goldman. A Sage Femme birth includes a midwife and a registered nurse birth assistant to monitor and support the mother and baby throughout the labor and birth process. “A home birth allows the process to unfold organically without interference,” notes McDermott.

McDermott is proud of their very low cesarean rates and high vaginal birth after cesarean section rates. Only 4 percent of the births last year resulted in a cesarean section compared to the 2017 CDC U.S. Data rate of 31.9 percent. McDermott offers in-hospital birthing with admitting privileges at the Burdett Birth Center in Troy and the Bellevue Women’s Center, in Niskayuna.

Sage Femme Midwifery locations include 959 Washington Ave., in Albany; 5 Maple Dell, Ste. 2, Office 5, in Saratoga Springs; and Schoharie County by appointment only. For more information, call 518-813-9290 or visit Sage-FemmeMidwifery.com.