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Retro Retreat Provides Tranquility

by Martin Miron

The Quarry House Retreat brings people together for creating community, embracing nature and celebrating life. They offer meditation, sound healing and artistic workshops while renting space for classes, workshops and retreats. There is space for yoga, reiki, group meditation, instructor-led workshops and classes. It’s an ideal place for corporate retreats, team-building and off-site meetings.

Founder Bill Brender, M.D., a board-certified general surgeon, plastic surgeon and hand surgeon, is trained in vibrational sound healing by Marie Manuet, RN, certified in DoTerra Aromatouch and a wellness advocate for Doterra Essential Oils

The original 100-year-old limestone quarry house was converted into a scale house and trucks passed through what is now a four season meeting room. Brender spent 10 years cleaning up the original 13 acres and turning it into a spiritual space. There is more than a mile of trails around the property for walking, hiking and snowshoeing.

The retreat center now has a pergola with solar panels that power a well pump which fills the shallow ponds. There are picnic tables, individual charcoal barbecues and propane heaters for parties and events.

The rustically renovated quarry house has housed meditation meetings, drum circles and musical entertainment since 2009. “We have recently added the services of sound immersion and Aromatouch, says Brender. “We are not done introducing new and innovative ways to heal our collective consciousness.” Brender says he personally enjoys walking in the woods and feeling the healing power of nature, and upon retiring from private practice, decided to share this space with others.

The limestone plateau and the quarry contain quartz crystals and delicious hard water. The healing power of the area is a vortex that can be felt by many when they visit. “The quarry is a special place,” notes Brender. “Our goal is to provide a holistic venue for wellness practitioners to come share their gifts with the community in a spiritual space. By healing others, we heal ourselves.”

Brender believes that sound stimulates our bodies to help express the innate healing powers of DNA. He says, “Sound and meditation are the two healing paths we have made available here at the Quarry House. Many people find meditation difficult. We have found that the sound of crystal singing bowls help produce the same state of tranquility. We have added chanting and continue to evolve.”

Current programs include Sound Immersion, 45 minutes of relaxing on zero-gravity chairs under wool blankets in a new sound room four feet underground that produces a blissful, grounded state of being; Group Meditation, for those that have difficulty meditating or are interested in a new group experience (sangha); Drum Circle, for seasoned drummers or beginners; Aromatouch, featuring a full spectrum of essential oils applied to meridian points of the body; Reiki, where energy is shared by practitioners; and Medical Intuitive Services, where Brender translates medical jargon into plain English.

Local collaborators include Laura Z., a digeridoo vibrational healer; Sheila Little Bear, a reiki healer and aromatherapist; and Micheal Redsky, a spiritual healer using flute and drum.

Brender says, “We hope you can find mindfulness, openness, bliss, a feeling of being grounded. The vibrational energy located here on the east end of Glens Falls is unique. Help us make this a spiritual community and together we can enjoy this little haven on Earth together. We are a spiritual space dedicated to wellness and healing.”

Quarry House Retreat recently added a new sound room, and Brender is working with the city of Glens Falls, the town of Queensbury and Warren County to build a wetlands park and environmental educational center on East Sanford Street.

The Quarry House Retreat is located at 138 Upper Platt St., in Glens Falls. For more information, call 518-832-1801 or visit QuarryHouseRetreat.com.