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Reiki Goes Mainstream

Gina Clemente, a reiki master and instructor with 17 years of experience, has conducted more than 7,000 reiki sessions and taught hundreds of men and women about the health benefits of reiki. She notes that companies are requesting group training for their employees on the basics of reiki healing toward improved employee attitudes, more effective meetings, less sick time and more balanced staff. Clemente will travel for a gathering or group of friends or co-workers, depending on the size of the group.

She recently spoke to a group of veterans, a group of medical professionals, a group of corrections officers and at Saratoga Springs High School Superintendents Day about the way reiki energy healing is evolving and becoming a way of life; and how for many people, education is the key.

Clemente says, “People from all professions, age groups, interests and lifestyles are recognizing the healing benefits of energy work. Most everyone I speak to is interested in learning more. The days of talking about reiki to only the few who may get it are long gone.”

To schedule a gathering of friends or co-workers, call 518-791-6565. Clemente’s office is located 229 Washington St., in Saratoga Springs. For more information, visit ReikiHealingWithGina.com.