Personal and Spiritual Development

The Art of Conscious Living

by Martin Miron

Louise Finlayson

Louise M. Finlayson, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and transformational coach, offers workshops, speaking engagements, retreats, coaching, and psychotherapy for individuals and couples. She has an office in Albany and is also seeing clients in Saratoga Springs.

With a three-year fellowship in clinical psychology at Harvard Medical School, followed by 25 years in private practice, Finlayson developed her unique strategies from a solid foundation of both science and spirituality. Her mission is to elevate consciousness on this planet by “inspiring lasting transformation, one person at a time,” she says. “When we live consciously, we awaken to ourselves and to our connection to all.”

Finlayson relates, “When I was in my 20s, I was searching for a direction in my life, and I decided to make a list of what I wanted in a career. I knew I wanted it to be socially meaningful, I wanted to help others, I wanted to be intellectually challenged, I wanted financial security and I wanted to be my own boss. Then it occurred to me that being a psychologist fit all of those. While I’ve found my career as a psychologist highly rewarding, my training in psychology alone was not adequate to help myself and my clients to lead deeply enriched lives. That is why I have spent 30 years studying and drawing from ancient spiritual traditions and many other fields to develop a more comprehensive strategy for living.”

Finlayson has noticed that many people today are struggling with feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and disengagement, saying, “Conscious living is a powerful antidote to these concerns. When we learn to live consciously, every single part of our lives improves. People who’ve attended my retreats report increased satisfaction in their relationships, work lives, and the overall quality of their lives.”

Finlayson notes, “I teach people how to wake up from the illusion of captivity and see that they are free. I work with them to deconstruct limiting stories and beliefs that contribute to that feeling of being stuck. Using consciousness principles as a framework, I teach tools and strategies to help clients awaken.”

Finlayson says she enjoys helping people discover how to live passionately and purposefully. She is achieving her mission to help awaken consciousness on the planet through the many classes, workshops and retreats that she offers both locally, nationally, and internationally. On September 29, 2019, she will offer a daylong workshop, An Introduction to the Art of Living Consciously, in Albany. “This is a great opportunity for those who are curious about my retreats to sample living consciously.” says Finlayson. This coming winter she will be holding The Art of Living Consciously, a seven-day retreat on the tropical island of Roatan.

Another way to access Finlayson’s teachings is to join her private Facebook group The Art of Living Consciously. This is an international virtual community of people committed to growth and personal evolution. Finlayson offers live sessions, mindfulness videos and other resources for growth. She also has an email list which can be accessed through her website. Those on her email list receive notices of her events, and blog posts.

Finlayson has created the Art of Consciousness Living Community (ACLC) which is a vehicle for community support and ongoing growth for people that attend her retreats. “This is where our true in-person community comes together for deeper connection and advanced work in consciousness. We have a lot of fun!” adds Finlayson.

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