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One-Dimensional Solutions Are Not Enough

Jennifer Baer

by Martin Miron

Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Baer, is accepting new patients at her Hudson and Latham offices. She was one of the original health providers to bring treatments to the Capital District for chronic Lyme disease. After many years, she enhanced her training by working at one of the largest clinics in the nation treating chronic illness, including Lyme.

One of the ideals she took away with her is that all chronic illness is due to an imbalance that needs to be addressed, and that adding nutritional supplements is the key to solving deficiencies or resolving overburdened detoxification pathways.

She uses cutting-edge, natural, integrative treatments for many types of chronic illness, as well as anti-aging, and is happy to be back in the Capital District serving people looking to set the standard of health and healing at a new level.

Modalities and treatments she offers include functional medicine testing (Medical lab values focus on disease processes that are already established. For example, a physician will look at a thyroid lab result), herbs and supplements (They can be a very important part of a patient’s health maintenance program.), prolozone (An injection of a mixture of ingredients, including B vitamins, procaine, dextrose and homeopathics), and bioidentical hormones (As aging occurs, hormones decline. As hormones decline, we tend to look older, as well as feel older).

Intravenous treatments include the Myers cocktail, a mixture of vitamin and nutrients that bypass the gastrointestinal system, providing the body with immune-boosting power, nutrient support and overall health maintenance; Immune Support Myers; High-dose Vitamin C, great for immune enhancement, fatigue and chronic pain; Flu IV to prevent people from getting the flu; and Glutathione, which will protect cells. It is depleted in sick or injured cells; Chelation, an age-old treatment for heavy metal removal, as well as for cardiovascular health, peripheral neuropathy and overall a blood purifier; and ozone, to purify the body. There are many added benefits to ozone, and it is a safe and natural treatment for a host of illnesses.

Baer says, “My commitment to helping is immense. I have come to see that when I am helping one, I am helping all. In helping more, then eventually all can be helped, as it becomes contagious. This is not a one-dimensional universe we live in. I grew up in the deep woods of Louisiana. I wandered the woods, letting nature heal me and help me. Little did I consciously realize that I was preparing myself for my future.”

Locations: 84 Green St., Hudson, and 952 Troy Schenectady Rd., Latham. For appointments and more information, call 518-755-6870 or visit jenniferbaernp.com.