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New Online Resource for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Three New York practitioners joined forces in March and founded A Space To Grow, an online space for those who live with chronic pain to connect, nourish, and thrive. To ease people’s suffering, they created the Embodied Wellness Membership, which merges the best of self-paced learning, online classes and a supportive community

Feldenkrais practitioner Buffy Owens focuses on movement, but teaches more than just eliminating biomechanical stress. She says, “It’s getting to the heart of how you embody yourself in motion. You’ll discover how your movement habits are contributing to your pain and discomfort and learn how to move with ease and joy again.”

Sarah Ferreira, an integrative registered dietician, specializes in nourishing well-being through culinary nutrition. She states, “As we dive into the art of nourishment through clean eating, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with the sensorial delights of food.”

Meditation teacher Jon Aaron teaches compassionate presence, helping students to cultivate a regular meditation practice and to find ways to bring mindfulness into everyday life. He advises, “As your capacity to be mindful grows, you’ll be able to handle mental and physical challenges with greater ease and clarity, and live your life with more joy.”

For more information call 518-629-5664 or visit AS2G.org.