Make Sustainable Lifestyle Changes Now

Wendy Miller, RN, a board-certified health and wellness coach at reDefine Health, her private practice for integrative health coaching, will facilitate a conversation about health coaching as an option for sustainable lifestyle changes from 7 to 8:30 p.m., September 18, 2019, at A Peaceful Place Massage and Wellness Center.

She says, “Begin the process of creating a vision of what your health means to you and what you want from your health: (time with family, to travel, to reach professional goals, to have better strength to pursue physical activities, to be organized?). To learn the process of integrative health coaching, I had the opportunity to be coached, to have someone give me their focused attention and non-judgmental support. There was a gentle exploration of what my vision of a healthy self entails and a mining for strengths that have helped me to create past successes. To me, it was a wonderful gift, and something that I have found to be a joyful process to share with others.”

Location: 1745 Rte. 9, Clifton Park. For more information and to register, call Miller at 518-488-7540.