Looking Within for Self-Healing

Elizabeth Peters

Registered nurse Elizabeth Peters is a Level 2 practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), a unique method founded by regression hypnotherapy author and educator Dolores Cannon. It emphasizes healing in the body and is grounded in the understanding that answers to all questions can be found within. Sessions are held in a farmhouse with a neat, chemical-free, smoke-free environment.

Peters says, “We are capable of so much more than many of us realize in our conscious, surface minds. Accessing the higher consciousness through hypnosis is a safe and effective way to improve physical, emotional, mental and behavioral well-being. In a QHHT session, you are verbally guided to a deep level of relaxation where we converse with the very expansive aspect of you to receive guidance and solutions you are seeking. Oftentimes, once the message has been received by the person, the issue or problem can be resolved.”

Reasons for choosing to have a QHHT session may include health, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, curiosity, grief, unwanted habits, life decisions , PTSD, curiosity and life purpose. QHHT sessions are said to help people strengthen the alignment with their higher selves

Location: 1587 Schodack Valley Rd., Castleton. For more information, call 518-424-6341 or visit elizabethpetersqhht.com and qhhtofficial.com.