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Local Couple Collaborates For Holistic Health and Healing

Joan Ann and Albert Fissette

by Martin Miron

Joan Ann and Albert Fissette each are the proprietors of their own holistic healing businesses, and in their combined office space, they work hand-in-hand. “We decided to share one office with one person scheduling appointments,” says Joan Ann, a certified light therapist, certified master hypnotist and certified spiritual self-hypnosis teacher who is also certified in pain management. “It worked out well the first year, but as we branched out and now offer Biofeedback and Spiritual Self-Hypnosis classes, we are looking for a more diverse space to accommodate a growing clientele.”

Joan Ann Fissette: Freedom Thru Hypnosis
“My spirit guide led me to consider a weekend hypnosis course at an area spiritual center,” advises Joan Ann Fissette. “I was so inspired at how an accomplished hypnotist can guide a client toward achieving the goals of behavior change that I continued my studies and became a certified hypnotist.”

Fissette is one of only approximately 500 hypnotists in the world that have undergone 5-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis certification. These 5-PATH hypnotherapists have been trained to customize inductions, deepening techniques, and suggestions for maximum results; They work together with the client through the process, neutralizing old limiting beliefs, emotions and habits; Find the cause of the problem, eliminate it and give suggestions for success; Identify and address issues that one may not have thought of, such as internal conflicts; And provide a professional, confidential and effective personal experience.

“7th Path Self-Hypnosis is changing lives all across the USA and around the world by combining the powers of self-hypnosis and your own highest belief systems. This is a nine-class program spanning two to three months. It is truly a mind-body-spirit and emotional energy approach to self-improvement,” notes Fissette.

As a 5-PATH practitioner Fissette is preparing to offer the Informing Soul Technique in July. She says, “This is an age-regression technique during which the ‘veil of knowledge’ is lifted from the soul just before it enters the human embryo in order to ascertain the purpose of the individual’s human life. In the fall I will also be offering classes on The Secret Language of Feelings.”

Albert Fissette: Light Therapy Services
Certified light therapist Albert Fissette shares, “While searching the internet for a way to heal a dramatic injury without the surgery recommended during several doctor visits, I discovered light therapy. Soon after, I enrolled to pursue certification in the field and heal myself. My wife (Joan Ann) became my study partner and coach, and was so intrigued that she, too, became certified so we could work as a team. With both of us present during light therapy sessions, there is a comfort level appreciated by female clients. light therapy and hypnosis are healing modalities for which we both feel great passion.”

U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved light therapy reduces pain and increases circulation. Pain is reduced when damaged nerves are properly fed by healthy red blood cells, and light therapy increases circulation while feeding mitochondria, the energy source of the cells. Applying appropriate equipment to reach the depth of the targeted area allows for the best outcome. “We offer tools to reach the light frequencies necessary to address the damaged area. Every cell in your body needs a photon to create energy in order to stimulate self-healing,” notes Fissette. Red light penetrates one-quarter-inch, while infrared light can penetrate into the bone and even the brain over one-and-a-half inches. “Currently, we are working with Parkinson and dementia clients who come for a session several times a week,” he says. “Every client requires a different number of sessions before improvement in symptoms is experienced.

Biofeedback is a 15-to-60-minute reading of someone’s DNA to identify conditions in the body that may or may not have symptoms. “It has been especially helpful for those with Lyme disease. Our machine is unable to store information, so confidentiality is 100 percent assured,” says Fissette.

Joan Ann Fissette declares, “We are holistic healers that believe in the self-healing powers of the mind-body-spirit connection. We work in conjunction with allopathic medicine, but offer drug-free solutions. After 54 years of collaboration, raising our family and exploring many career paths, life has found us sharing an office with the common purpose of offering spiritual, emotional and physical comfort. We are both in the office together for light therapy clients, while hypnosis sessions are conducted only one-on-one. We are enjoying sharing this time and space together.”

“Our goal is that each client we service leaves our office feeling healthier physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each program has a different positive outcome expectation. We also collaborate with Adirondack Journey Inward (life coaching, healing through reiki, spiritual counseling) and several holistic chiropractors,” Albert Fissette adds.

The couple is available to speak at upcoming health related events, and the public can learn about light therapy, biofeedback and 5-PATH from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., July 9 and 23, at the office.

Freedom Thru Hypnosis and Light Therapy services are located inside the St Peter’s Campus at 855 Route 146, in Clifton Park. For more information and detailed directions, call 518-526-5012 or visit FreedomThruHypnosis.com and LightTherapyServices.com.