Living to Be 100: Dr. Joseph S. Gulyas on Healthy Longevity

Dr Joseph Gulyasby Wesley Delanoy

Dr. Joseph S. Gulyas, a chiropractor, holistic healer and owner/director of Northeast Spine & Wellness, has been practicing for 31 years. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1987, opened his facility in 1988 using gentle chiropractic adjustments, craniosacral techniques, acupressure and nutritional support, and has helped hundreds of women through their pregnancy toward a more natural delivery. He has been a leader in the drive for non-drug solutions to healthcare solutions and continues postgraduate study in the areas of nutrition and brain health. Gulyas is also a posture specialist at West Point Military Academy and the official chiropractor for the Albany Empire arena football team. He will be hosting a program, Living to 100 Years old and Loving It! at 7 p.m., May 13, at his Clifton Park office.

What might living to 100 years old mean?
Considering the growth of nursing homes and facilities to house those suffering with various forms of dementia, many people today say that they do not want to live to be 100 years old. But what if you could live to be 100 years old but live a full life without moving into a nursing home? Not only is living well longer a possibility, it is a reality.

I am seeing more and more patients who have decided to live to be at least 100 years old and continue to live well, enjoying their grandchildren and great grandchildren. I have people coming through my office who have full lives of activity and love living in continued work, volunteerism and family. These are people who may have already retired from their work and now find purpose in volunteer activity. They have many more things that they want to do and best of all, they feel good enough to do those things.

How does someone begin the journey toward healthy longevity?
In the United States, medical doctors use the plan of balancing the chemical equations of the body by using drugs to resolve symptoms. When studied by the American Medical Association, medical doctors actually have poor longevity in comparison to other professions. In my mind, it is very important for those seeking to live a 100-year lifestyle to build a team of allied health professionals and friends who share your vision. In our office, we begin with a complete history and evaluation and discuss the various ways to get healthy and stay healthy in modern society. We also suggest other types of longevity practices that are compatible for you, which may include yoga or positive affirmations.

What is your approach when working with patients on their 100-year plan?
I perform a complete evaluation of the patient, which includes a complete history. This is already unique to the quick, in-and-out approach that occurs in many clinical offices throughout the community. I am able to take the time to not only ask you questions about your health to get to the root cause of your health concerns, but also to really see what your body says about what is happening through our in-house examination and the ability to order tests like X-ray and labs. Once the evaluation is completed and the test results are made available, I sit down with the patient to explain the findings and propose a plan of action to address the health concerns.

To what health guidelines do you adhere within your practice?
Here is a little known secret; health is really very simple, and I talk about the basics of what I call The Four M’s: Meal (we all need to eat cleaner); Move (we all need to move); Mind (we all need positive thoughts); and Matters (we need each other in purpose).

There are also three important principles: Turn The Power On (the nervous system needs to work to control all the cells of the body, but it cannot do so if there is interference); Time Is A Factor Of Health (people need to be patient. you cannot just be better overnight if the health problems started 10 years ago; and Everyone Needs To Be Present (your health is your responsibility. Do not give that responsibility to any health professional. It is your body, and you should weigh in on your health).

Location: The main office of Northeast Spine & Wellness is located at 306B Grooms Rd., in Clifton Park, with a satellite office at 1873 Western Ave., Ste. 101, in Albany. For appointments and to register for the May 13 program, call 518-371-4800 or visit