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Letter from the Publisher

June 2019

I’m a nature-lover, and although it may sound crazy, I admit it—yes, I talk to my plants! Even just now as I sprinkled some water on a window box of pink impatiens, I gave them a friendly morning greeting and praised their growth and beauty. How reassuring and interesting to learn more about the mysterious and incredible intelligence of our blooming friends in this month’s Green Living department “Plants Talk.”

I haven’t gone so far as to compare myself to Lewis Carroll’s Alice, in her garden of awakened, talking flowers, but I do believe the love and care I give them is well-received, and I’m intrigued to know more about their own invisible framework. Plants’ “Secret Language” as writer April Thompson describes it, is more of a relationship between species and environmental factors, but I certainly don’t discount my own communication and attention as a symbiotic dance during this welcome warmer season.

What outdoor delights are you taking pleasure in now? Are you tending to your own little garden of something wonderful? Our cover’s strawberries sure look delicious! And it is definitely time to revel in longer days, barefoot-in-the-grass afternoons and backyard gatherings with our human and nature companions!

June is also a time to give a nod to the men in our lives, with Father’s Day celebrations and a spotlight on men’s health in our Healing Ways department. Writer Melanie Laporte offers an insightful path to wellness in an up-to-date report on the latest approaches to treating and preventing some major problems associated with his tiny, yet important prostate gland.

I hope you will share her piece, “Nature’s Toolbox,” with the special men in your life and keep in mind that sometimes self-care and important health screenings don’t come as naturally to the male population. An extra nudge can often go a long way to encouraging early detection and disease prevention.

From inspirational tips for vibrant living to cooking from scratch, revamping recycling and keeping the brain healthy and sharp, I think you’ll find this issue overflowing with much goodness, encouragement and insight. We’re all in this together, so here’s to healthy living on a healthy planet for all!

Remember to Stop and Smell (or Say “Hello” to) the Roses,




Carolyn Coogan, Publisher