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Letter from the Publisher

December 2019

It’s been a year brimming with blessings, and I rejoice that I’ve managed to leap and shimmy over hurdles and around immediate obstacles with a smile on my face. Yet, I sometimes despair over the looming issues facing our community and our world. My role as the publisher of a magazine for thinking people has me often confronting information about scary challenges. Whether or not I want to know about them, I am privileged to serve as a conduit for the awareness that facilitates action as more than 3 million Natural Awakenings nationwide join hands with millions of other caring citizens, all rising up to counter threats posed by the likes of Monsanto, fracking companies and global warming.

Linda Sechrist’s uplifting feature this month, “The Emerging Power of ‘We’: Awakening to the Evolution of Community” shares a compelling argument that collective wisdom, collaborative change and the need to evolve from a culture of “me” to a culture of “we” may be the key to addressing the major challenges that confront humankind.

While it’s easy to get gloomy over the size of the crises society is conjuring for itself and the depth of commitment and resources required to turn them around, this piece gives us pause. What if we actually did join together in the spirit of togetherness and a new “we” attitude? ‘Tis the season for such warmhearted hopes, and perhaps you’ll join me in this holiday wish that with any luck, there are enough people paying attention and willing to take action to make a real difference, locally and globally.

Our December issue is always sprinkled with a lot of holiday fun, too, and in addition to feeding the soul with food for thought, we focus on nourishing ourselves with Earth-friendly holiday practices from updating family traditions and serving healthier meals to reducing food waste and choosing safe and eco-smart gifts. Speaking of giving, have you ever considered the many benefits of generosity? The tips in this month’s Inspiration department (see page 25) are worth a look. There really is no better time of year to give back, and there is never a shortage of holiday movies with “Scrooge”-type characters and stories that remind us of its personal payback.

No matter how you are spending your season, I hope your life and this edition have you feeling warm and bright and full of good cheer. As we turn the page to a new year, let us look ahead with hope for a healthier, happier and sustainable existence for humankind and the planet. We’ve got this!

May your holidays brim with outpouring love.





Carolyn Coogan, Publisher