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Holistic Compassionate Dentistry

by Martin Miron

Frederick Dreher, DDS, of Ballston Spa (pictured left), was inspired at an early age to consider a medical career. Beginning as a dedicated traditional dentist when he opened his practice in 1992, he found his true calling in holistic methodologies at a conference, recalling, “My eyes were opened, and I started implementing alternatives. Seeing the decline in health in friends and family members got my attention.”

Dreher’s visionary approach is still not shared by many of his conventional colleagues, but he sees a wave of change among patients that not only have their long-term well-being in mind, but optimum results. “Unfortunately, I think traditional methods are failing people,” says Dreher, whose office is also fluoride-free. “It comes down to personal choice, but the subject of fluoride’s safety is highly debatable. For me, it is obvious in the simple fact that it is labeled as a poison on any tube of toothpaste and can be fatal if consumed by a child.”

Dreher uses state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge holistic approaches such as ozone therapy. “Basically, ozone is supercharged oxygen, a powerful, chemical-free ally against bacteria, viruses and fungus that also mineralizes tooth structure. We have a generator that makes ozone from medical-grade oxygen that we use before we put in crowns or fillings,” he explains.

For patients anxious about dental care, the office offers sedation dentistry, which involves a small dose of a sedative taken before an appointment, leading to a deep state of peace and comfort during the procedure. With his team carefully monitoring pulse and blood pressure, Dreher says that patients are still able to respond to his requests, but relaxed enough to allay feelings of worry or anxiety.

Dreher attended Springfield College, in Massachusetts, and graduated from Columbia University Dental School, in New York City, in 1990. He completed his residency at Goldwater Memorial Hospital and began his private practice in the area in 1992. The office includes a fireplace, art, plants and a LCD TV in every room, relaxing paraffin hand waxing, massage pads and an infrared sauna. A naturopathic doctor is also available onsite.

His intention is to build an even stronger holistic presence with like-minded patients. “I would like to get as many people with the same philosophy and holistic mentality under one roof, to be able to communicate and provide a place where people feel good. It’s wide open,” he says.

Dreher hosts a Halloween Candy Buy-Back program that pays $1 per pound of candy and awards a prize to children under 14 that participate. The candy and a toothbrush are then sent as holiday packages to U.S. armed forces overseas.

The office of Frederick Dreher, DDS, PC, is located at 410 Rowland St., in Ballston Spa. For more information, call 518-885-6185 or visit NoMercDoc.com.