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Heartspace Yoga Has a Plan for Everyone

by Wesley Delanoy

Andrew & Elizabeth Kasius

Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts, in Albany and Troy, offers drop-in yoga classes for all levels from beginner to experienced. There are also structured series and workshops, teacher training, sound healing events and massage. Owners Andrew and Elizabeth Kasius, both registered yoga teachers, employ the services of more than 20 highly qualified yoga instructors.

Heartspace yoga instructors have a minimum of 200 hours of training with affiliation through the Yoga Alliance. Many have also pursued advanced training in different specializations. Some are also physical therapists, as well as a variety of professions outside of yoga.

Heartspace also offers mindful yoga to manage stress and anxiety, yoga for ample bodies, yin yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga, yoga for athletes, family yoga and more. Seniors and retirees enjoy daytime classes with a very modest pace and approach.

The Albany studio was established in the 1990s; the Kasiuses purchased it in 2010 and opened a second studio in downtown Troy in fall 2013. Both studios are friendly and welcoming spaces with a very positive energy. People come with their highest intention of progressing on a positive path. Andrew says, “In general, we favor yoga as a mindfulness practice and grounding for a heart-centered life, first and foremost. We emphasize mental, energetic, and emotional balance equally with the tremendous physical health and wellness benefits of yoga. It is all connected, and we seek to offer a balanced approach for all our students.”

Elizabeth adds, “We offer a variety of yoga traditions and styles and make a great effort to make it accessible to brand-new beginners and people who want to try yoga, but aren’t sure where to start. We have a large age range of students, from teens to people into their 70s and 80s. Anyone can do yoga. There is no competition, grades, pressure or judgement. There is only the intention that you bring to the mat. You don’t have to be flexible, have good balance, be skinny or any prerequisites like that. If you bring interest, curiosity, dedication and effort, we will work with you to help you meet your goals.”

Andrew notes, “Our biggest challenge is convincing folks to come in for the first time. People say, ‘I’m not flexible, I can’t do it,’ and things like that. We help you establish a practice that suits your body. Once people get a taste for it, many enjoy it and return. We’re always looking for ways to support the growth of community and connection at our studios.”

Yoga teacher training at Heartspace includes both a 200 and 340-hour advanced program. “This is the most established teacher training program in the Capital District, and there are many graduates teaching throughout the region,” adds Elizabeth.

Drop-in classes can be paid either by the class or with monthly passes that reduce the cost. Several community classes are offered each week on a donation basis.

Heartspace Yoga and Healing Arts is located at 747 Madison Ave., in Albany; and 10 Second St., in Troy. To sign up, call 518-512-3390. To view upcoming workshops, classes and events, visit HeartspaceAlbany.com.