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Healing Wavelengths: Light Therapy Services

Albert Fissette

by Marlaina Donato

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or photomodulation, might sound like a new healing modality, but its roots go back to ancient times. Thousands of years ago, people of Chinese and Egyptian cultures used the power of sunlight and color to help heal the body. Today, LLLT is applied for conditions such as dementia, heart disease and numerous others. Pain reduction and the healing of wounds are just a couple of its marvels.

“Gentle, pulsing LED light wavelengths work to increase circulation and reduce pain. Light therapy is naturally effective on a cellular level,” says Certified Light Therapist Albert Fissette, co-owner of Light Therapy Services, in Clifton Park. “And unlike painkillers, light therapy not only reduces pain, but it also addresses the underlying condition by stimulating the body’s innate healing abilities.”

Fissette can attest to the healing capabilities of light application firsthand. After he injured his face and bruised his cheekbone, there was nerve damage and loss of feeling in the area, as well as broken capillaries. “This situation continued for six months,” explains Fissette.  “My face was back to normal just six weeks after starting light therapy. The swelling went down, the capillaries healed and the nerves came back as my body repaired the damage. Light therapy increased cell production to speed up healing and fed the nerves to bring them back to life.”

Light therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free option for those with acute or chronic pain, joint problems, peripheral neuropathy, fractures or bruises. It is also a reliable modality for stubborn skin problems like acne, helps to rejuvenate tired, aging skin and improves hair growth. Additionally, on the emotional level, LLLT may be valuable for PTSD. Recent studies show its promising effects for various types of dementia, including vascular. LLLT offers hope for diabetics to restore circulation in the limbs as well.

“LLLT increases circulation. This may sound simple, but the act of increasing your circulation supports your innate healing processes. When cells are stimulated this way, tissues heal and pain is lessened, if not eradicated. Improved muscle performance and quicker healing time for injuries are also benefits of light therapy,” expounds Fissette, who compares light therapy to the life-giving process of photosynthesis. Although gentle, silent and cool to the touch, LLLT has a powerful effect on the mitochondria—the energy-producing parts of cells that use light (including sunlight) to increase energy, thus resulting in increased blood flow and oxygenation.

“Since happy hormones, or endorphins, are also released during this whole process, a person feels
a sense of well-being that can last for days,” adds Fissette. Sessions are pleasant, and each ray in the spectrum is an ideal choice for certain conditions.

Every colored light has a different wavelength. For example, blue light therapy is antimicrobial in nature, making it useful for skin care and wound healing. It is also used in operating rooms to kill staph and MERSA. Red light therapy increases circulation, while infrared light therapy has a deep-reaching effect on soft tissues, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Most importantly, LLLT is effective with no known side effects and can be used on anyone, including older individuals, children and animals.

For Fissette, the effects of light therapy are what inspires him to help people. “One of our clients suffered from pain in her leg every morning for four years. After two sessions, she had no pain at all. Another person who used LLLT had significantly less arthritic pain, and with consistent use, experienced pain-free periods that would be longer each time,” says Fissette, adding, “It is no wonder because without light, everything on Earth’s surface would die. We are all light beings.”

Light Therapy Services is located at St. Peters Medical Campus, Bldg. B (back entrance) Executive Woods, Ste. 104, 855 Rte 146, in Clifton Park. For more information, call 518- 526-5012 or visit LightTherapyServices.com.