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Experience Energy Medicine Yoga

Kathleen Fisk, with new certification as an (Energy Medicine Yoga) EMYoga Level 1 instructor at In Harmony Yoga, will offer a six-week program to begin at 9 a.m., February 22. She says, “This system was designed by my mentor, Lauren Walker. This is built on the work of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden. When yoga and energy medicine was blended, Donna, who can see energy around and through the body, was ecstatic at how the energy systems were affected for the better. So, we have Energy Medicine Yoga!”

Fisk is the first EMYoga instructor in the Capital District. The practice includes asana poses, breath work, meditation and energy medicine techniques such as acupressure holds, neuro-lymphatic reflex self-massage (a unique and powerful way of working with and clearing the lymphatic system), and energy channel clearings. “It unlocks the language of your body to amplify your healing power—mind, body, and spirit. The result is a deep love, appreciation and acceptance of yourself just as you are now, as you continue on a path toward your best self,” says Fisk. “It is yoga electrified!”

Cost is $90. Location: 137 Remsen St ., Cohoes. For more information, call 518-334-8169 or visit InHarmonyYoga.org.