Divine Sisterhood Supports All Women

by Martin Miron

Vici Armsby is the creator and executive director of Divine Sisterhood Women’s Empowerment Center and the Compassionate Acts of Service Initiative. She is passionate about creating an inclusive sacred space in historic downtown Troy where everyone feels welcome and empowered. “The Empowerment Center is a place for women to gather and become the best version of themselves. It is a place filled with love, compassion, fun, laughs and where lifetime friendships are made,” says Armsby. “Then we take action and give back!”

They offer workshops, extended retreats and Sister-to-Sister Coaching. “I wanted it to feel like you were entering my living room and that we were old friends,” explains Armsby. “It not only had to look good, it had to smell good and feel good energetically. I work diligently behind the scenes to maintain that atmosphere. What started off eight years ago with 12 women gathering monthly in my home and grew over the years to gatherings of 30, 60, 75, 125 and then needed to meet in area church halls and retreat centers.”

Just over two years ago, she took a leap of faith to open up the Empowerment Center and recreate the intimate feel of smaller groups. Last fall, Armsby created an offshoot of the Center with the Compassionate Acts of Service Initiative. She says, “We are compassionate, inclusive and accepting regardless of race, religious/spiritual affiliation or sexual orientation. Specifically, the groups we are supporting are women in domestic violence shelters, women in shelters with babies and members of the LGBTQ community who have been alienated or have lost support because of who they authentically are.”

Donations for the Compassionate Acts of Service Initiative are accepted via the Amazon Wish List and PayPal earmarked for the Compassionate Acts of Service Initiative (CAS).

The Divine Sisterhood Women’s Empowerment Center is located at 270 River St., Ste. 3, in Troy. For a listing of upcoming classes and events or to become involved in the Initiative, call 518-577-0223 or visit DivineSisterhoodNY.com.