Distribution / Circulation

You can find Natural Awakenings at practitioners’ offices as well as health food stores, health-care facilities, health spas, fitness centers, libraries, coffee shops and wherever free publications are generally found. We are currently printing 16,000 copies monthly, reaching over 30,000 readers, and distributing at over 400 locations in the Capital District.

Advertisers can reach our affluent, well-educated and health conscious readers who are eagerly seeking resources that will improve health and well-being. We’re selective in our distribution locations while being certain not to limit our exposure to just to the “already converted” or to one single segment.

While we have a highly targeted readership, we are broad enough with our content so as to bring in new readers from whatever their angle is, be it “foodies”, fitness fans, moms or the socially and environmentally conscious.  Best of all, we’re focused on educating readers right here in your “back yard”.

Our Readers

  • Natural Awakenings demographics: 75% female
  • Over 51% have a household income of over 50K
  • 72% are between the ages of 25-54
  • 80% purchase products or services from ads seen in Natural Awakenings

Natural Awakenings magazine rated higher over TV, radio, internet and other print publications as the #1 source for health-related information.

*Demographic results from audits conducted by the CVC Verification Council for Natural Awakenings magazines.