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Cutting-Edge Solutions and Personalized Care at Maccio Physical Therapy

by Marlaina Donato

The Maccio Physical Therapy team

For 32 years, Maccio Physical Therapy, in Troy, has helped people of all ages find a new lease on life. Their tailored regimens have a high success rate, thanks to state-of-the-art diagnostic technology like the McKenzie Method or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) for the spine and extremities. “The specific MDT system that we use is applicable for all ages. Our youngest patient was 2 months old and our oldest patient in their late 90s,” says owner Joseph G. Maccio, physical therapist, ergonomist and diplomate in MDT.

Maccio Physical Therapy is the only certified McKenzie Clinic in the Capital Region and specializes in conditions of the spine and extremities. They have also published six peer-reviewed research articles in the past few years. “With the high number of false results on MRI and X-ray studies, a mechanical approach to evaluation is extremely important. The main advantage is that patients can typically reduce or get rid of their pain the first day if we are able to find the correct combination of movements. This allows for a very rapid response to treatment and will usually prevent recurrence,” attests Maccio, who takes pride in providing same-day appointments with no waiting lists. The clinic accepts most insurance with no medical referrals required.

Since 1986, Maccio Physical Therapy has provided personalized one-on-one care to help relieve pain and get patients back to their desired lifestyles. More than 60 percent of their referrals come from patients that have had successful outcomes. Maccio addresses common conditions involving the low back, neck and joints, as well as vertigo and balance issues, sports injuries, work-related pain and postoperative cases. Spine rehabilitation, ergonomic consultation, and fall prevention and balance rehabilitation programs are among their many services.

“We also hold monthly MDT workshops on different topics. This is often an entry level for patients who are suffering from chronic pain and are trying to avoid more invasive techniques or drastic changes to lifestyle,” explains Maccio. “The earlier that we see patients, the faster they are going to respond without unnecessary MRIs, X-rays, consultations or prescription drugs. Most injuries are mechanical, and respond to specific movements.”
Research, including that of Maccio, has demonstrated that extremity issues involving all the major joints from the shoulder to the ankle are often referred from the spine, therefore underscoring the importance of ruling out the spine as a source of pain before proceeding to treat individual joints.

The REPEX Repetitive Motion Therapy Table also plays a key factor in tailored treatments at Maccio Physical Therapy. “The table is designed for the patient who does not have the arm strength to perform a press-up, and is also used as a diagnostic tool for the MDT-trained therapist,” explains Maccio, who remembers one patient that suffered from leg pain and weakness, as well as a severe sensation of pins and needles. After a regimen involving the REPEX table, she was able to resolve all discomfort and regained strength.

Maccio encourages patients to be proactive and follow through with the home exercise plans prescribed by therapists. He says, “Being compliant with exercises will produce the best physical and mental effect from the treatment, and by doing so, a patient may only need to be seen for a few visits.” His greatest reward is seeing patients spared from unnecessary surgeries and other invasive procedures. “What could possibly be more reassuring than to learn that you can eliminate your own pain?” asks Maccio, with hopeful enthusiasm. “A common patient response is, ‘I can’t believe it’s this easy!’”

Maccio Physical Therapy is located at 1 New Hampshire Ave., in Troy. For more information, call 518-273-2121 or visit MaccioPhysicalTherapy.com.

Marlaina Donato is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.