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Considering the Ketogenic Diet

by Joseph S. Gulyas

The idea of a ketogenic diet (high-protein/low-carb) is a hot topic in the media. The concept is not new and has been utilized to treat seizures, especially in children. A ketogenic approach has also been seen as an effective program for those suffering with conditions of the nervous system and brain. Recent studies from Europe suggest its use to help restore memory and assist patients suffering from dementia and bipolar disorder.

Many self-help websites purport using a ketogenic diet to lose weight. It was not developed to be a weight-loss program, but it is an effective, long term method of shredding body fat, especially for those that have a lot to lose.

The ketogenic program includes the benefits of increased energy and fewer food cravings, as well as weight loss. As someone begins eating “keto” style , they may experience flu-like symptoms as the fat cells dispose of their toxins into the body. This is usually temporary, and some people never have the experience.
Many people get their information about keto from Internet blogs on the or by word of mouth from friends that do not understand the science behind the program. The basic approach is to eat protein and healthy fats, but keep away from the carbohydrates that are a big part of the American diet. It does not have to be complicated, but it is best to work with a healthcare practitioner that understands the underlying nutritional principles.

Dr. Joseph S. Gulyas is the founder and director of Northeast Spine & Wellness, with offices in Clifton Park and Albany. He is a 30-year veteran of holistic health care and his weekly program, Keto-Klub, is held on Mon. at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. in his Clifton Park office (free admission, RSVP required). To register and for more information, call 518-371-4800 or visit WellAdjustedForLife.com.