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Spirit Tree Connections Creates Empowerment

Spirit Tree Connections

by Martin Miron Spirit Tree Connections, a creative healing energy center in Latham, aims to augment a concert of care with integrated, creative and practical application in a space where people are encouraged to open their minds and find their childlike joy in life again. Founder Brandon Russ shares, “We …

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Harnessing The Power of Desire

by Martin Miron The nonprofit American Meditation Institute (AMI) is dedicated to serving humanity through the teaching of Yoga Science as holistic mind-body medicine—an approach to healing that uses the power of thoughts and emotions to positively influence physical health. These techniques include meditation, diaphragmatic breathing and yoga postures that …

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Sage Femme Midwifery: Birth-Related Services

by Loreanna Thomas Kelly McDermott, director of midwifery and owner of Sage Femme Midwifery, founded in 2010, provides support for all phases of pregnancy, as well as primary care and well woman care. She is a licensed midwife and certified nurse midwife. Sage Femme, French for wise woman, follows a …

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Healing Hands: Kathleen Vroman Celebrates a Decade

by Marlaina Donato When Licensed Massage Therapist Kathleen Vroman, owner of Community Massage and Holistic Therapies, first set out on her path, she could not have envisioned such a rewarding journey 10 years later. A decade after honing her skills at a local spa and six years since launching her …

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Beauty in Harmony with Nature: Pure Elements Organic Salon

by Marlaina Donato Kristen Vesely, of Pure Elements Organic Salon, in Albany, had been a seasoned stylist for almost a decade before she discovered the source of her severe, chronic sinus infections and lung problems. “My doctor pinpointed ammonia as the culprit and gave me an inhaler. Two weeks after …

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Energy Healing for Family and Community

by Marlaina Donato When certified reiki master and instructor Gina Clemente opened her Reiki Healing and Education Center in Saratoga Springs 16 years ago, energy healing had not yet gone mainstream, but her clients knew firsthand the life-changing potential of the modality. “Reiki originated 100 years ago in Japan and …

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The Salt Den: Himalayan Wellness for Body and Spirit

by Marlaina Donato Known for its rosy color, Himalayan salt has become a healthy ingredient in gourmet kitchens and a beneficial addition to home decor in the form of ambient lamps, but its fortifying benefits are much more far-reaching. Bob Duff wanted to bring these benefits to the community and …

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Finding Clarity, Compassion and Contentment

by Martin Miron Life, success and spiritual coach Kim Perone, co-owner of Inspired Life Coaching at The Center for Clarity Compassion & Contentment, in Burnt Hills, has written a new book, The Case for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment: Finding Your Center. She says, “It is a coaching book based on …

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WE Care Produces Lasting Holistic Weight-Loss Results

by Marlaina Donato WE Care’s staff of professionals In a sea of weight-loss options, WE Care, in Latham, cuts through one-size-fits-all approaches and offers tailored solutions to achieve permanent lifestyle changes. Since 2012, a medically supervised, multifaceted paradigm has been their hallmark—a more comprehensive and integrative approach to weight-loss treatment. …

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