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Healing Ways

Heavenly Scents: How to Make Your Own Natural Oil Fragrances

by Kathleen Barnes A whiff of sweetness can communicate a personal signature of tranquility, alertness or romance, or it can cause a bout of miserable sneezing, wheezing or nausea for those in the vicinity and even the unwitting wearer. Commercial Chemicals “When you see ‘fragrance’ on a personal care product …

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Preventing, Reversing and Managing Diabetes Naturally

by Linda Sechrist More health practitioners today are recognizing both the mind-body connection and energetic and metaphysical insights into preventing and reversing illnesses. As a result, those facing diabetes and other health challenges are accessing contemporary resources such as Louise L. Hay’s explanation of the emotional roots of disease in …

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Sacred Silence: Discover the Benefits of Quiet at a Silent Retreat

by April Thompson Individuals seeking to escape life’s ceaseless distractions, deepen their personal spiritual practice, enhance well-being and gain fresh perspective are patronizing silent retreats in rising numbers. “Retreats are a special opportunity to enter a healing space where your natural energy, insight, intelligence and wisdom can arise,” says Thanissara, …

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Transformative Travel: Outer Adventures, Inner Journeys

by April Thompson Declare Your Intentions Attention and intention are the main ingredients for transformative travel for Phil Cousineau, acclaimed author of The Art of Pilgrimage. “Ask yourself what is motivating the journey: Are you going just to check something off your bucket list because you read about it or …

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Choosing a Chiropractor: How to Find the Best One

Chiropractic medicine is known for its non-surgical approach to chronic pain and other musculoskeletal conditions, but also has much more to offer. However, finding the right doctor can be as daunting as shopping for a comfortable pair of shoes. Here, three reputable practitioners talk about securing individualized care and getting …

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Music as Medicine: Music Soothes, Energizes and Heals Us

by Kathleen Barnes As primeval drumbeats echo across an African savannah, the rhythms circle the globe, picked up by the chants and rattles of shamans gracing Amazonian jungles and Siberian tundra. They’re repeated in Gregorian chants filling medieval cathedrals and Om meditations resounding in Himalayan caves and yoga classes everywhere. …

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Live Cancer-Free

Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Cancer by Linda Sechrist Victorious warriors against cancer are speaking to other patients about their journeys of recovery and healing. Two who regularly speak to physicians, as well, are Glenn Sabin, author of n of 1: One Man’s Harvard-documented Remission of Incurable Cancer Using …

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Natural Ways to Cleanse Body & Mind Take Toxins Out of Your Life

Natural Ways to Detoxify

by Meredith Montgomery The term “detox” has been gaining traction in health circles, but cleansing practices have existed for millennia, ranging from Egyptian hydrotherapy to Medieval Lenten practices and Native American fasting, smudging and sweat lodges. The truth is that we need cleansing now more than ever—to rid our bodies …

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Natural Summer Skin Care: Protective Tips for Sunny Days

Natural Summer Sun Protection

by Kathleen Barnes Now that much-anticipated beach vacations, gardening, outdoor sports and other outside summer activities are on our calendars, it’s time to practice ways to protect skin from sun damage. The medical profession has reported loud and clear that too much exposure causes dryness, wrinkling, premature aging and even …

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