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Vital Steps: The Path to Vascular Fitness

by Marlaina Donato It is well-known that exercise combats cardiovascular disease by balancing blood pressure and managing blood sugar, but aerobic exercise, not resistance training, takes the prize for keeping the body’s thousands of miles of blood vessels more supple. A 2017 study published in the journal Medicine & Science …

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Healing Joints from Within

The Promise of Regenerative Medicine by Marlaina Donato Someday, medical science will allow us to infuse damaged or aging organs with new cells, or to manufacture made-to-order organs on a 3-D printer. These emerging techniques to revitalize worn-out body parts are on the drawing board in the field of regenerative …

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Sound Waves Help Relieve Pain

by Robert Duff For those that suffer from chronic pain, have circulation problems or wounds that do not heal, sound waves therapy might be the answer. We hear sound because it travels through the medium of air. Sound pressure waves can cause the body to increase circulation and penetrate areas …

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