Brand-New Space for Conscious Movements

Buffy Owens, owner of Conscious Movements is offering private Feldenkrais sessions (functional integration) and small group Awareness Through Movement at a new office located at 1913 5th Avenue, Suite 102, in Troy. The Feldenkrais Method is a unique approach that utilizes gentle movement and awareness to tap into the nervous system’s fundamental capacity for learning. It offers a comprehensive practice to develop a more flexible mind and more functional behavior.

Owens is a guild-certified Feldenkrais practitioner and a functional medicine certified health coach. She says, “I’m here to remind you that life is all about change! And being successful in creating the changes you want will undoubtedly take steps. But I promise, committing to taking one small step towards change is starting on a path worth taking. You deserve it! Now you can enjoy private sessions, and group classes online and in this stunning new space.”

For appointments and more information, call 518-629-5664 or visit