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Beauty Society Organic Salon: Walking the Organic Walk

by Martin Miron

Clients love the clean smell that permeates Beauty Society Organic Salon, in Malta, and feel great about the organic experience there, including the shampoo, conditioners, hair color and styling products.
Beauty Society Organic Salon is a green hair salon that uses non-toxic, biodynamic and certified organic products. Owner Cristina Connolly is licensed in New York state, including many continuing education credits. She has several certifications in hair and skincare, has worked as an educator for a major company and holds bachelor and master degrees.

“Organic and biodynamic products are similar. Both produce products that use methods that preserve the environment. We go a step further with biodynamic ingredients,” says Connolly. “Biodynamic ingredients not only avoid harming the Earth with pesticides and synthetic materials, support animal welfare and non-GMO, but they also make use of specially prepared minerals and herbs that feed the soil with a holistic understanding of honoring the Earth!”

Beauty Society Organic Salon carries Luce Farm full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) hemp products. Connolly says, “I did a lot of research and tested many hemp products. These are organic hemp products of the highest quality.” They are sustainably farmed in Vermont, using organic practices from germination to extraction, with the power of the sunlight, and irrigated with fresh natural springs.

To extract the cannabinoids from the plants, a natural, pure and environmentally friendly CO2 extraction method is used that retains the essential vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and terpenes that naturally occur in hemp. Luce Farm is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and a passion for holistic health. The products are always made in small batches to ensure products of the highest quality. This CBD product is also third-party tested to ensure quality.

Scientific studies show that daily use of cannabidiol has numerous health benefits and may provide a natural alternative for pain. Products include full-spectrum hemp extract; full-spectrum hemp extract with peppermint; hemp-infused, locally grown honey; hemp-infused body balm; and hemp-infused warming and cooling rubs.

Connolly does not follow other salons with trends of selling products and boutique-type items to make money, nor does she levy high prices on her services. She says, “I do my own thing that I believe in, creating an atmosphere that is healthy not only for our clients, but the environment, at a fair price, so every person can access it. I always read and have knowledge to share on health and chemicals to educate our clients about the importance of dangerous chemicals in beauty products. Your skin is your largest organ, and once a chemical touches your skin, 64 percent to 100 percent of it is absorbed into your body, depending on where it is placed.”

Location: 123 Dunning St., Malta. For more information, call 518-312-648 or visit BeautySocietySalon.com.