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Ad Options

Here are a few examples of how you may advertise your services and events to our readers. For further specifics, please visit our Advertising Overview page, and you may also view our Media Kit online.

Display Ads

Display Ad Example
Display Ad Example

We have many advertising and promotion options based on your objectives. Our best values are ad packages that combine ad space and editorial options.

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For pricing and to find out how you can put the power of Natural Awakenings to work for your business or practice, contact us at: sales@albanyawakenings.com

Send your event information to: events@albanyawakenings.com.

Classified Ads

Display Ad Example
Display Ad Example

Classified advertising is one of the most common forms of advertising. It is economical, doesn’t require additional costs for layout and design and, for many businesses and/or individuals, a great way to put repetition to work by reaching our niche audience of health-conscious readers each month.

Send your classified ad information: ads@albanyawakenings.com.


Event Advertising

Event Advertising Example
Event Advertising Example

There are many ways to promote your up-coming event to the community through Natural Awakenings.  We have options that combine ad space, spotlight editorials, and calendar listings to really highlight your event. Contact us at 518-729-0099 for complete details about event advertising options.  (Due to print deadlines, we recommend you begin the process three months prior to the date of your event).

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Natural Directory Listing

Natural Directory Listing Example
Natural Directory Listing Example

Our Natural Directory Listings are an easy way to be recognized. List your business information and a picture or logo in this section which appears monthly in the back portion of the magazine. (Note that our regular advertisers receive a sizable discount on these listings and our Standard and Premium Packages included complimentary Natural Directory Listings).

Send your Natural Directory Listing information to: ads@albanyawakenings.com.


Website Ads

All of our Premium Ad Packages include an additional on-line component with ad placement on our website www.albanyawakenings.com.