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Finding Clarity, Compassion and Contentment

by Martin Miron

Kim Perone

Life, success and spiritual coach Kim Perone, co-owner of Inspired Life Coaching at The Center for Clarity Compassion & Contentment, in Burnt Hills, has written a new book, The Case for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment: Finding Your Center. She says, “It is a coaching book based on the premise of our business, focused on the three pillars of clarity, compassion and contentment.”

She advises, “It is a great conversation starter for anyone seeking what it means to be human and what it means to live well. It is especially useful for anyone who has been wondering how coaching can be beneficial, and also for anyone looking to gain more simplicity, including tools and techniques and concepts, to quiet the noise and get back to what matters—paving a hopeful path for the future.”

Perone explains. “The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment is a place in our region, but the real ‘center’ is in everyone. When clarity, compassion and contentment are present, an inspired life is possible. So many people suffer from overwork, overwhelm, overdoing and overthinking, and these have become not only the standard, but the justification of a life well lived. In an attempt to reverse the trend, empower the individual, and enhance our inner world and the world we live in, this book explains the coaching principles behind the Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment. As we integrate these principles into our lives, find our authenticity, determine our own definitions of success, and actively allow room for our soul to speak, we reconnect with our highest, truest selves.”

She shares, “In my own life, I sought clarity, compassion and contentment because I was living as a bereaved mother. After losing my 9-year-old son Jack in 2004, I began a lifelong journey of grief and pursued clarity on how I wanted to live my life, compassion for myself and others and contentment that was so elusive in the world in which we live. For years, I was seeking the true meaning of life to help me stay present and joyful for those I love. Along the way, I developed new insights about resilience and felt a push from my career as a communication professional toward a serving profession such as coaching. I wanted to share the principles I learned and experienced with others.”

Perone notes, “Many people are surrounded by those that may be suffering from false sense of who they are, confusion about what success means and what the meaning of life is for them. The stress is real. I think the book confirms what many readers already know and care about and the book may offer an opportunity for discussion with their friends and family about what ‘finding your center’ means. Together, we create our world. We are all evolving and growing, and in the process, can feel despair and joy and everything in-between. This is our life, and it is a journey of growth to be treasured!”

In 2019, Perone will be starting Mastermind groups around the book’s concepts. Those seeking to continue the conversation will find opportunities to join a small group to discuss how to add more clarity, compassion and contentment into their own life on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Perone says, “The book is available for $9.99 at Center4c.com/store as a digital download, and in late February, it will be available in print, along with a companion journal written by my business partner Helene Verdile, also a life, success and spiritual coach.”

The Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment is located at 801 Rte, 50 in Burnt Hills. For more information, call 518-301-3593 or visit Center4C.com.