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30-Year Anniversary Celebration for Dr. Gulyas

Joseph S Gulyas

Dr. Joseph S. Gulyas is celebrating 30 years of serving the healthcare needs of the community as a chiropractor and holistic practitioner with his practice, Northeast Spine & Wellness, at noon on June 11, 2018. Gulyas graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1987 and opened his facility in 1988. He has been a leader in the drive for non-drug solutions to healthcare solutions the capital region.

Whether young or old, Gulyas is adept at looking at the whole patient, paving the way for people to follow a path that opens them up to a bigger picture of health that is based upon freedom of choice. It’s the simple principle that health comes from within, and with support and guidance, as well as proper nutrition and exercise, our care doesn’t have to be expensive or invasive. “It’s about understanding you,” says Gulyas.

Location: 306b Grooms Rd., Clifton Park. For appointments, call 518-371-4800. For more information, visit WellAdjustedForLife.com.