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Try Biopuncture for Pain Relief and More

Lisa Andersson

Lisa Andersson, RN,ANP-BC, at Harmony Health NP, in Saratoga Springs, is offering healthy solutions for natural healing and pain management with a technique called Biopuncture—the injection of low-dose, natural plant and mineral-based, regulated substances with small needles that stimulates bioregulation. The purpose is to get to the root cause of an imbalance in the body and restore it back to a healthy state.

She says. “Biopuncture provides a solution for pain that does not have side effects and promotes healing from within. The products used are not addictive. There are no limitations on how often it can be used.”

Andersson is dually board certified as an adult and holistic nurse practitioner and studied with Dr. Jan Kersschot, the founder of Biopuncture, in Belgium, in order to bring the same quality of work to the U.S. She has worked in research for relieving pain with massage and aromatherapy in Sweden, as well as taught a master program in palliative care at an international school there.

Location: 290 Church St., Saratoga Springs. For appointments, call 518-769-2900 or email harmonyhealthnp@gmail.com. For more information, visit harmonyhealthnp.com.