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A Solution for the Empty Nest Syndrome

After witnessing how many women lack the supportive container to gently move through and integrate the experience of children leaving home, Laura Normile. MA, a psychosomatic guide and reiki practitioner, developed a two-day workshop, Empty Nest: A Search For A New Self. It will be held on January 27 and 28, 2018.
“The exercises in this workshop are meant to support women in processing feelings that emerge when their children go away to college, as well as reconnecting with their inner gifts and rediscovering their purpose in life beyond motherhood,” explains Normile.

“Though true for both parents, the experience of an empty nest can be especially devastating for the mother, and trigger an identity crisis. Letting your child go on their own and pick their life path is a natural phenomenon and is essential for them to transition into a self-sustaining adult. However, while honoring the young adult’s right for finding themselves in life, our society does not have a proper procedure to support and ease the psycho-emotional transformation that mothers experience,” adds Normile.

Location: The Center For Clarity, Compassion & Contentment, 801 Rte. 50, Burnt Hills. To register (required), call 518-817-3198 or visit LauraNormile.com.