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Osteopathic Medicine Provides Drug-Free Treatment

by Karissa Scarabino

Structural imbalance plays a major role in contributing to pain, and can also cause varying degrees of limitations and dysfunction. This may result in joint pain, reduced flexibility, and muscle strain and weakness. Many of us suffer from pain and dysfunction from accidents, injuries, and/or surgeries that create structural imbalance. Athletes of all calibers may also find themselves in an altered state due to training and competition.

Many patients feel like they have a short leg, uneven shoulders, a hitch in their gait or feel like they step down harder on one foot. What they have in common is that these “lingering” conditions often go overlooked and undertreated by conventional medicine. Therefore, many patients do not fully recover and are told there is nothing that can be done.

A doctor of osteopathy is a medical doctor that provides hands-on-care to diagnose, treat and prevent injury and illness. Osteopathic medicine appreciates the uniqueness of each individual and recognizes the importance of diagnosing and treating structural imbalance. Osteopaths obtain a complete history and physical exam, and then use gentle hands for treatments focused on body structure to optimize health.

This translates to quicker postoperative healing times and sports injury recovery with patients needing little to no medication. There are many people seeking to be well without the use of medication that may cause more harm than good.
Osteopathic manipulative medicine is a diagnostic and therapeutic practice of medicine that focuses on wellness. Instead of just treating specific symptoms, osteopathic physicians concentrate on treating patients as a whole.

Along with prescribing medical treatment, osteopathic physicians use osteopathic manipulative treatment, which includes hands-on care to identify structural problems and support the body’s natural tendency toward good health and healing, while also enhancing the body’s ability to fight disease by stimulating the immune system.

Karissa Scarabino, DO, MPH, is the owner of Osteopathic Health of Saratoga, located at 28 Clinton St., Ste. 3, in Saratoga Springs. For more information, call 518-250-3221 or visit OsteopathicHealthOfSaratoga.com.