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Nutrition Weekend Supports Mindful Practices

Andrea Lieberstein

For a pre-spring reset with focus on building mindful eating skillsets, attend Well Nourished, a weekend immersive experience designed to heal relationships with food, end overeating and feed the whole self. Hosted by Sarah Ferreira, of Nourished Brain Solutions, from March 16 through 18, 2018 in Troy, the weekend features Andrea Lieberstein, a best-selling author, speaker, mindfulness-based registered dietitian nutritionist, mindful eating and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor and coach, teacher trainer and registered yoga instructor who has specialized in helping people transform their lives for more than 25 years.

The weekend is packed with training for cultivating mindful awareness to nourish the body, heart and mind. Topics covered will include mindfulness; mindful eating and heart-based practices such as mindfulness meditation, mindful walking and some gentle yoga; opportunities to explore the roles of loving-kindness, mindful self-compassion, nature awareness and healthy living practices to support mindful eating and living; development of skills to integrate mindful eating, mindful living and self-compassion practices into daily life with a plan to help support this process; mindful meals featuring delicious organic and local selections from Liza’s of Troy; and a complimentary copy of Lieberstein’s book Well Nourished: Mindful Practices to Heal Your Relationship to Food, Feed Your Whole Self and End Overeating.

Location: One Fourth St., Troy. To register (required), call Ferreira at 518-308-8740 or visit BrainHealthNutritionist.com/retreat.