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Many Hands Make Light Work

Spirit Tree Connections

by Wesley Delanoy

Spirit Tree Connection logoBrandon Russ founded Spirit Tree Connections in 2016 as a place where people can find what they need on their path with cool workshops and classes, expert practitioners and other like-minded people, just like them. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and certification as an intuitive and spiritual counselor.

“Spirit Tree Connections offers wellness and holistic services that encompass intuitive counseling, reiki, massage therapy, health, creative and metaphysical workshops, classes and certification taught by experts in their field.” Russ states, “We have over 10 practitioners that are independent businesses that utilize the space for workshops and individual practice.

Russ believes that Spirit Tree is different because of their collaborative nature between experts in their fields. He exhorts, “It’s all about mixing modalities and finding new ways to connect, heal and teach. One great example of this is our evening meditation series, with fresh voices every week. They collaborate on specific meditations together. Another is the Spirit Tree Reiki Program.

We’ve created a standard for what we feel has been sorely missing in the work. With creating, adhering to and delivering a teaching standard, we want the confidence of our students that their certification is diverse and the community created is strong to support ongoing education and their path.”

Russ notes, “Our practitioners are credentialed and held to the highest standard of ethics. They are not hobbyists, but professionals that bring their expertise to clients.” Spirit Tree maintains affiliations with Hay House Publishing, Hibiscus Moon and others, which allows for an array of robust events, workshops and modalities.

“The first question asked of a practitioner that comes to us is, ‘What is your vision of your work?’” says Russ. “Our expectation is that a practitioner is serious about what they do. That doesn’t mean full-time, but it does mean they are not a hobbyist. The collaboration part, is actually easy. Because when you know who you are, then merging with others is empowering, exciting and lots of fun.”

Their retail Spirit Tree Shop is now under new management and will be a flagship for many national holistic brands, as well as local crafts that support their practitioners and customers. At least once a month at Spirit Tree, in addition to special events around the Capital District, Russ also offers Funny You Should Say That, a lighthearted message circle filled with stories of things that have happened to him as an intuitive. “Of course, there are lots of messages for participants. This circle focuses on the energy of laughter and how it creates such a positive vibe, especially when dealing with the emotional baggage of those that have passed,” he says. “A lot of healing can happen when we’re able to reframe a situation and look at it from a more positive perspective.”

His forthcoming book, Return on Energy, which will be released in the spring of 2018, focuses on one of his biggest passions—energy—and how to effectively manage the energetic aspects of our personal and professional life.

Spirit Tree Connections is located at 987 Loudon Rd., in Latham/Cohoes. For more information, call 518-362-8383 or visit SpiritTreeConnections.com.