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Making Life Easier with Custom Diet Plans

Sarah Stout, doctor of naturopathy, certified clinical nutritionist, raw food chef and owner of Reinventing Wellness, says, “We can make your life easier by telling you what and how much to eat. We will even provide recipes and shopping lists! This education tool will help you get the results you are seeking and can be modified as your needs change. We can accommodate all dietary restrictions, as well.”

Reinventing Wellness offers meal plans designed for individual needs. Whether to help with losing weight, improving
sports performance or just eating healthier, they can create a meal plan for the whole family. Knowing exactly what to eat and when is paramount to achieving health goals. Stout add, “This is not a fad diet, but a perfect avenue to ensure meeting all nutritional needs while keeping body composition in check.”

For more information, call 518-410-9401 or visit ReinventingWellness.com. See ad, page 41.