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Letter from the Publisher

February 2018

Despite the cold, snow and ice outside our doors, there are so many reasons for heartwarming moments within this month of love. Loving and being loved are so vital to our health and happiness. This is the core motivation for every positive action we undertake, and gratitude for love brings even more love to us. So, how are you honoring your heart and the love that is all around you right now? Whether it is with healthy, nourishing foods that the heart appreciates physically, through a new intention of living whole-heartedly or simply taking stock daily of the various forms of love to be grateful for in your life, I hope you will find the related content in this issue to be an inspiring and loving Valentine’s gift for the heart and soul.

Earlier this winter, I gathered a basket of “snow in” supplies with an intention to make the season sweeter and more fun indoors this year. My treasures include colored pencils, notebooks, fuzzy socks, coloring sheets, journals, books, teas, cocoas, essential oils, bath salts, soup recipes and a new puzzle, to name a few. Even just seeing this collection of many indoor winter delights in my living room within easy reach has helped to enhance my love for quiet, cozy days lately. This may become a new, annual tradition because it was fun to not only create, but to partake in.

Often a related focus in the natural living community and at the foundation of an activity like this is the concept of self-care; loving yourself enough to purposefully nurture your physical and mental health and take responsibility for your own well-being. “Loving yourself is the foundation for living the life you want.” These wise words from Louise Hay are excerpted from her book, Loving Yourself to Great Health and remain a testament to the importance of self-love and its positive effect on a peaceful, loving and joyous existence. Cultivating that can be the first step towards a new way of living. Oh yes!

Another reason to cheer this month is the start of the Winter Olympics. In honor of that, we’ve highlighted some holistically minded athletes in our Fit Body department. I will tell you that the thought of the upcoming opening ceremonies has me reminiscing on childhood moments of pretend medal glory with my siblings. We would reenact the ceremonies with wooden apple crates, complete with emotional waving to the imaginary crowds. I sure smile as I think of this innocent childhood make-believe, and now as an adult, I certainly have a greater appreciation for the training and triumphs that the real athletes possess. I do plan on whipping up some hot chocolate from my goodie basket and taking in the excitement of the figure skating competitions this month (I will likely still be envisioning myself in another life being the one to do the quad jumps and climbing the podium for our national anthem)! Will you be watching?

Whatever warms your heart this month, I hope you experience love in some measure as you continually reignite your heart’s desire and commitment to living your best life.

In joy, peace and love,




Carolyn Coogan, Publisher