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Improving Health Without Supplements

Sarah Stout
Sarah Stout

Sarah Stout, owner of Reinventing Wellness, is teaching a course, Reboot Your Health & Wellness in the New Year. It is designed for those looking for a way to eat delicious, real food and lose weight; have tried diets in the past, but not achieved long-term results; have food cravings and/or stress eat; suffer from inflammation or think they may have food intolerances; or are working out, but looking to be more lean and toned.
Stout is a certified clinical nutritionist and naturopath, holds certifications in plant-based eating, the Rose Program Raw Detox Program, and has worked with NFL and Big 10 collegiate athletes to help them improve body composition and performance. She wants to help clients meet their new year goals and improve their health naturally, without supplements.

For more information, call Stout at 518-410-9401 or visit ReinventingWellness.com.