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Helping Others Awaken to Their True Potential

by Erin Floresca

Glory-Anne Jones, founder of Euphoreje and co-founder of AdventuringSouls.guru, in Albany, discovered her life’s calling by chance. In January 2014, this full-time mom and youth coach/mentor struggled with ongoing back pain. Having exhausted Western medicine’s offerings and determined to manage the pain naturally, Jones turned toward Eastern medicine for help. When she saw a Groupon ad for acupuncture treatments, she decided to give it a try—and it changed the course of her life.

Acupuncture was Jones’ first foray into the world of energy healing, and for her, it was nothing short of profound. “During my second treatment, I felt all this energy shifting in my body, along with a tremendous release of energy. It was so surreal. I had been awakened to my true potential within.” It was the proverbial road sign she needed to start on her new path.

Jones officially opened the doors to Euphoreje in summer 2015, offering energy healing, meditation, mindfulness training and more. “It’s really all about empowering others and helping to bring out the best of what is already inside of them,” she says.

Acting as a guide and leader to children since 2005, Jones wanted to incorporate kids into her business model, so she offers youth classes, as well. “I love working with children,” says this bubbly, enthusiastic coach. “They can so easily access that feeling of empowerment and resonate with believing in themselves. Their hearts are open; they’re so willing to give and receive love.”

Adults, she says, can be a little more challenging. “So many of us let adulting get in the way of our happiness. We’ve spent decades building vices, dealing with self-doubt and conditioning ourselves to fear change.” When working with adults, Jones sees the most transformative results when she can appeal to the child within. “When we awaken our inner child, we remember that life is meant to be fun and playful. Our hearts are more open, which makes it easier to find our path back to self-empowerment.”

Jones knows that many adults are still trying to figure out what their life’s purpose is, but often feel trapped in the grind. “Our lives have meaning. We’re not here solely to be useful at our nine-to-five jobs. It’s awesome to have a job, but if it’s not your life’s purpose, then take the money you earn from it and empower yourself in other ways. Do it to empower you!” she says.

She also realizes that adults more easily succumb to feelings of hopelessness when going through challenging times. She finds the analogy of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly to be good mind medicine. “Sometimes it feels like your whole world is crumbling. But what if everything in your life was coming apart so that you could come back together as something even greater than you were before?” says Jones. “An internal knowing inside of you says, ‘It’s time.’ And so you go into your cocoon, and you are taken apart, bit by bit, molecule by molecule. You stay there, churning and transforming, until eventually you emerge as a gorgeous butterfly with a whole new set of talents.”

Jones enjoys acting as a guide for newcomers into world of mindfulness, meditation and energy healing. She has created in-person classes and workshops, in addition to several upcoming online courses. “These are gentle, easy primers into the world of awakening to one’s true self. I break it down into bite-sized chunks, so people can get a better grasp of what it encompasses.”

In addition to reiki, she uses sound therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and aromatherapy whenever possible. “I like to blend the senses; marry the tangible with the intangible. Using the power of sound, scent or touch can be very beneficial,” says Jones, who also notes that awareness of our thoughts is of the utmost importance. “When we truly grasp the amount of energy we spend worrying and projecting bad scenarios, we are more dedicated to learning how to refocus our energy. Our thoughts are energy. They have power. And once we are aware of this, we’re better able to discover how to use them to empower ourselves.”

Jones says that with practice and awareness, anything is possible. “We’re able to step into our power with purpose and faith in our journey. When life challenges do come our way, we can meet them—eyes open—and know that, ‘I’ve got this!’”

Euphoreje is located inside the Adventuring Souls office space at 1 Alton Rd., in Albany. For more information, call 518-250-9045 or visit Euphoreje.com.