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Energy Healing For the New Year and a New You

Glory-Anne Jones

Glory-Anne Jones, a reiki master, aromatherapist and mediation guide, is accepting new clients and offering a free 30-minute consultation by appointment. She coined the word euphoreje, a combination of euphoric and energy, that is free of any other linguistic attachments, that people may use according to their own definition.

Jones thinks that January 1 should be the day people commit to including energy healing into their wellness program, saying, “As people make their New Year’s resolutions for 2018, adding in session of energy work once or twice a month is a resolution that will be easy to keep.” Jones uses aromatherapy, reiki, sound with crystal bowls, and power words in her work.

AdventuringSouls.guru is a positive energy space Jones co-founded with her friend Lisa K. Brown. “It is truly an energy sanctuary,” she explains. “When one can let go of stress, the body is able to begin to repair itself.”

Jones has taken on the title of chief story teller for the center’s guided meditations, inspiring workshops, school enrichment program, Confidence Coaching, and her upcoming children’s book. She says, “Written words carry a feeling that enters the energetic and physical body and can invoke metamorphosis. Awakening to one’s personal power is an amazing feeling.”

Location: 1 Alton Rd., Albany. For appointments, call 518-250-9045 or visit Euphoreje.com/book-online or AdventuringSouls.guru.