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Dozens of Meditators Needed

NUMINOUS, the sponsor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project (formerly the Albany Peace Project) is searching for 40 meditators that are willing to participate weekdays in meditation coherence training research at Unity Church in Albany at 21 King Avenue. Participants will be training with emWave coherence software designed by the Institute of Heartmath. Actual dates are still to be determined, but training will occur weekdays in early 2018 at 11 a.m.

The Global Peaceful Cities Project is performing intentional peace research to demonstrate that when a group of coherent individuals offer peaceful intentions, they positively influence the world around us.

NUMINOUS is also requesting for other meditators to participate from home at times convenient to them. It is easy. Just visit PeacefulCities.org and enter a name and email to receive updates and emails from the Global Peaceful Cities Project about upcoming opportunities to participate in peace research. “The world needs our compassionate hearts,” says NUMINOUS founder Bethany Gonyea.

NUMINOUS is a nonprofit Interfaith spiritual organization that provides “spiritual technology for real world results” by offering lectures to the public that synthesize biofeedback training, meditation and intentional/consciousness research with spiritual tenets to provide reliable methods for heightening consciousness that strengthen and inspire dynamic lives of service.
Attendance at NUMINOUS events provides funding for the Global Peaceful Cities Project (formerly the Albany Peace Project).

For more information, visit: PeacefulCities.org, email joanneperrino@yahoo.com or call 519-424-0406.