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Healing Ways

Bodywork Goes Mainstream

Helpful Access Points to Health by Linda Sechrist The seed holds within itself hints of its magnificent maturity. So it is with the practice of whole- person health care, which has matured in language, sophistication, credibility and acceptance. In a single generation, we’ve seen its presence grow from the outer …

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Treating Autism Naturally

Plus Strategies for Prevention by Meredith Montgomery In The Autism Revolution, Pediatric Neurologist and Neuroscientist Martha Herbert approaches autism as a whole-body condition that can improve, rather than a static, lifelong genetic brain disorder. “It’s the way the brain is shifted into acting when faced with a combination of stressors—some, …

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Alternative Goes Mainstream

Today’s Complementary Trends Support Natural Health Care by Kathleen Barnes Who among us hasn’t at some time shifted to more healthy foods, enjoyed a massage, consulted with a chiropractor or naturopath, popped a vitamin C supplement or attended a yoga, Tai chi, qigong or Pilates class? Many of us also …

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Hormone Help for Guys

Natural Ways to Boost Vitality by James Occhiogrosso Without hormones, the body’s chemical messengers affecting every human biological system, nothing works correctly. Testosterone, in particular, is critically important for male development, starting in the embryo, through puberty and into old age. After reaching peak levels in a man during his …

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Natural Beauty — Head to Toe

A Holistic Guide to Looking Your Best by Frances Lefkowitz Is it true that, You’re only as pretty as you feel? Yes, says Alan Dattner, a New York medical doctor and pioneer in holistic dermatology. “The most important thing that people can do for beauty,” he says, “is to come …

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Rethinking Heart Health

Pioneering Doctors and Patients Reinvent Cardio Care by Linda Sechrist In 1977, Dr. Dean Ornish began to think beyond an allopathic medicine paradigm that defined the reversal of cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease (CHD) and the hypertensive diseases such as heart failure and stroke, as physiologically implausible. Undaunted by …

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