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Foods Our Heart Will Love

Top 10 Heart Healthy Choices by Judith Fertig “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning once penned this unforgettable line to her husband and fellow poet, Robert Browning. Let us also count the ways to improve our loved ones’ heart health: Lower blood pressure. …

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Feast in The Fields

The Rise of Pop-Up Organic Dining by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist The flip side of enjoying farm to table is taking the table to the farm. So-called “pop-up feasts” are booming at farms throughout the country during growing and harvest seasons. While the format varies, dinners are typically …

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Plant-Based Eating On The Road

Plant Based Eating on the Road

Clever Ways to Eat Healthy Anywhere by Judith Fertig Traveling can be tricky for those trying to eat a plant-based diet, especially on long stretches of highway. More than 33 percent of Americans, or 100 million-plus people, are eating vegan/vegetarian meals more often, even if they do not adhere to …

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Thumbs-Up on Fats: Good Fat Doesn’t Make Us Fat

by Judith Fertig In an era of too much information, the role of fats in our diet has been a victim of not enough information. Today’s turnaround in nutritional thinking acknowledges natural fats as being vital to heart health and weight loss. Heart Health Benefit A recent metastudy in the …

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Eggs-pert Advice: How to Buy Good Eggs from Happy Hens

by Judith Fertig Janice Cole, the author of Chicken and Egg: A Memoir of Suburban Homesteading with 125 Recipes, knows how delicious a really fresh egg tastes. She keeps three chickens she calls “the girls” in the backyard of her suburban Minneapolis home. “Jasmine, a white Silkie, lays small, beige-colored …

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Keys to Understanding Food Sensitivities

by Joseph S. Gulyas Most people would say that they eat well, but still do not understand why symptoms like brain fog, upset stomach or leg cramps continue. Although many of these people may be eating better than they did in the past, the concern is that food sensitivities may …

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Fearless Eating

How to Move Past Food Sensitivities by Kathleen Barnes Complaints of digestive upsets, brain fog, headaches, relentless food cravings and unrelieved stress appear to be at epidemic levels these days. “These symptoms may be part of newfound awareness of the wide-ranging and seemingly unrelated health problems caused by food sensitivities …

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Weight-Loss Saboteurs

Tackling Obesity’s Hidden Causes by Lisa Marshall Eat less, move more. These words have been the cornerstone of diet advice for decades, leading millions of Americans to greet the new year with vows to cut calories and hit the gym. In all, one in five U.S. adults are dieting at …

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Proper Nutrition Can Change Our Moods

Food and Mood

by Susan Brown According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 86 percent of American healthcare dollars are spent treating chronic diseases; in 2013, that was $2.7 trillion. Seven out of 10 deaths are related to ongoing chronic health conditions. We struggle daily to feel better. …

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Defensive Eating and Dining Out with Food Allergies

by Sarah Stout With the increase in food allergies in recent years, there is growing awareness of those that require special dietary accommodations. Eating in restaurants can be a nightmare for sufferers of food allergies, but with preparation, we can feel comfortable and safe when dining out. One recommendation is …

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