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February 2018: Living Courageously

Rising Above Adversity How to Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle by April Thompson At one time or another, an estimated 70 percent of people experience a life-altering traumatic event, and most grow stronger from surviving it, according to decades of research by leading institutions like Harvard and Yale universities and the …

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Foods Our Heart Will Love

Top 10 Heart Healthy Choices by Judith Fertig “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning once penned this unforgettable line to her husband and fellow poet, Robert Browning. Let us also count the ways to improve our loved ones’ heart health: Lower blood pressure. …

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Living with an Open Heart

by Helene Verdile Choosing to live the majority of our life outside of our head, in our body and heart, is open-hearted living. This is possible when we live deep in our hearts and soul, accessing the peace that exists there. In our head, where our ego resides, we believe …

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