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Bringing Natural Awakenings to Life With an Inspiring Ladies’ Afternoon

The Women’s Inspirational Symposium, sponsored by Natural Awakenings of the NY Capital District, will be held from noon to 4 p.m., March 11, 2018 at the Blu Stone Bistro at Hotel Indigo, just for the ladies. Publisher Carolyn Coogan says, “In 2018, it’s our goal to ‘bring Natural Awakenings to life’ with more opportunities for our readers to learn from and interact with the professionals they see and read about each month in the magazine, but in person through interactive events. This is the first such event for us, and it should be a fabulous way to keep all that momentum for making 2018 an amazing year. We’re featuring several of the area’s leading-edge coaches who will present on topics that are sure to inspire.”

Kim Perone presents The Privilege of a Lifetime is Being Who You Are. She says, “Our lives, complete with triumphs, tragedies, moments of beauty, everyday living, shattering heartbreak and joy, are magnificent stories worthy of any great book. Who we are is a reflection of our eternal and authentic selves. As we courageously examine the mystery of our lives and rediscover our truest selves through viewing our life as story, ‘The Heroine’s Journey’, we can empower ourselves to lay an inspired foundation for the future. Viewing your life as story in this way is empowering and elevating.”

Perone is a certified life coach at Inspired Life Coaching, co-founder of the Center for Clarity, Compassion & Contentment ~ a Wellness Center, in Burnt Hills, and the author of the narrative nonfiction Vacuum Like No One is Watching: and Other Lessons From My Mother, published in 2011.

Barbara Stevens, CSMC, presents Turn your Stress into Strength. She says, “In addition supplying you with one-minute techniques to better cope with stress, you will be able to experience the empowering feeling of being able to put stress down.” Stevens is certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists in Stress Management, Pain Management, Weight Management and Emotional Intelligence for Change Management.

Having conducted workshops, seminars and private sessions for more than 20 years, Stevens takes great joy in passing on the proven techniques that have worked for her clients and herself.

Louise M. Finlayson, Ph.D., presents Conquering Fear: Living Outside Your Comfort Zone. She says, “Courage is the act of moving forward despite the presence of fear. Many of us feel we need to get rid of fear before we can act. Ironically, trying to get rid of fear is counterproductive and only creates more anxiety.” Finlayson will offer insights on how to move beyond fear so we can live a life filled with passion and purpose.

Finlayson is a Harvard Medical School trained clinical psychologist and transformational coach. She has inspired thousands of people to find their passions and live their dreams.

Tara Herrick Brown, MS, presents Unlocking your Flow: Living your Purpose. She says, “At some point, most of us have asked, ‘What is my purpose?’ Perhaps we felt ourselves drifting from one expected role or task to another with no real direction. Through identifying and processing our limited egos, we can more clearly connect to our inner light. This connection helps us see our higher truth and embrace the current of our divine purpose. No one is in competition for our life’s journey. Let’s unlock the flow and courageously live our purpose.” Brown’s presentation will include a short meditation.

Brown holds a master’s degree in psychology. She formerly conducted natural medicine research at the National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon, and began her private practice in 2004. She is a student of Leslie Temple-Thurston and supports her clients with Corelight teachings. She is a Usui reiki master and certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner who is passionate about natural health and wellness, ecopsychology, spiritualty and conscious parenting. Brown often writes and speaks on these topics.

Cost is $37 and lunch is included. Location: 661 Albany Shaker Rd., Colonie. Register and prepay by Mar. 1, 2018 (no walk-ins) at na-inspirationalsymposium.eventbrite.com.