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Find Peace and Silence in the Mountains

Peace Village, which opened in 1999, is a retreat center of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization located in Haines Falls, New York, on Hunter Mountain, one hour south of Albany. Peace Village will host Silence Nurtures, a silence retreat from December 8 through 10, 2017, with an optional extra day on December 11 for those that want a longer retreat and wish to go deeper into silence.

Participants arrive on Friday between 5 and 8 p.m., and their first language will be silence. When they depart at 11 a.m. Sunday or Monday, it will also be their last. Silence is the original and eternal language of the soul and complete silence is practiced during this gadget-free weekend in a tranquil setting.

The retreat is facilitated by teachers at Peace Village. Each participants will be led to create their own inner retreat in the cave of their mind. The quality of the retreat experience is equal to the internal effort they put out. If friends or family members are also attending, participants are reminded that silence is practiced in the rooms, as well. The more seriously people approach the silence, the more they will experience and benefit from the retreat.

Through silence of words, guests can expect to gain a clearer idea of the thoughts they are generating and begin to understand how the mind has been working overtime, creating thoughts which are unnecessary or even hurtful. We are living in such a fast-paced society that words often replace our true feelings of peace and love. Racing thoughts have replaced clarity and intuition, while keeping us from enjoying the precious moments of our lives. Taking just a few days in silence reminds us of who we really are behind all we do in our busy lives. This puts power, meaning and joy back into all that we do.
Peace Village is one of only a handful of meditation centers that offers the opportunity to experience the spiritual atmosphere of safety, serenity and simplicity in a weekend retreat setting.

Register online at PeaceVillageRetreat.org/retreatschedule. For more information, call at 518-589-5000.